Sunday, 16 June 2013

Photography——A Father's Love

In this photo, I can strongly feel a sensation which called love. It is not only a love from parent to child, but a love without races and colour.

In the photo, we can simply see the Black man was holding a White new born baby cautiously. Observing the angle of the father’s gesture, we can feel a deep love from the father.

Also, the kiss was full of blessing, gratitude, and love. Bless the baby can grow up safety and happy without suffering. Being grateful that the new born baby was a gift from God and hoping the baby can grow up with love.

Apart from that, we can see the baby was sleeping peaceful on the father’s bosom because he knew that this guy will love him, protect him, always and forever. This is akin of trust and dependence.

Furthermore, both of them were naked. This is akin of honesty, promised that both of them will love one another forever. Bareness also showed that their hearts has leaned close to each other without any blocks or conditions.

Besides, a black and white tone showed that their love has always without decoration, which as simple as black and white. Also, a black and white sharpened the colour of their skin which telling us that a father's love is without races.

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