Monday, 17 June 2013

National Art Gallery——Caged For Show

Can you imagine that you were on the sky and standing on the clouds? There was no others else but only you. You kept going and wondering where you are. Suddenly, you saw a scene that you will never forget it.

There were many cages over there. Some of the cages locked up birds, dreams, and creativities; however some of the cages were empty.

You found that the surroundings were quiet and clean, and full of the clouds. However you got a feeling which made you stifling. You would like to escape from there; however you were not able to do it because of this unlimited space.

Suddenly, you realized that those cages that were empty were not exactly empty. They still be locked up in this unlimited space like in reality, we are always being locked in a specific standard. Apple should be coloured in red; we should get a diploma and follow a lot of things which are set by the society.

Therefore, there is nothing differences between us and those whose were being locked in the cages. We are a pitiful guy who lives in a pitiful world.   

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