Sunday, 30 June 2013

How Technology Affects Human——Final Project


Technology has been influencing our life and bringing a lot of death for a very long time. Since the invention of bomb and tank, the World War I has been started. Since the invention of atomic bomb, the World War II has been ended, however bringing an unexpected sequel to Hiroshima and Nagasaki also. Therefore, I have done my research more focus on technology and weapons.

Due to the advance of technology, a lot of weapons were being invented. People are using many kinds of weapons such as gun, bomb, atomic bomb, and even virus to start the war. It caused almost 90 millions people died between World War I and World War II. Apart from that, according to (2013), there is an average of more than 100,000 people being shot in the U.S. every year because of the gun possession laws. Besides, the Boston Marathon Explosion caused at least 144 people being treated, with at least 17 of them in critical condition and 25 in serious condition. Also, at least eight of the patients are children.

Therefore from the data above, we can simply see that there is a close relationship between death and the invention of weapons. 


Design Process

Step 1:

Sketch and draw on a piece of A4 size paper. Next, scan it into the computer with 600 dpi and colour mode. Open up drawing in photoshop and resize the picture to 420mm x 594mm A2 size and resolution of 300 pixels.

Step 2:

Start off with the wolf's face. Use brush tool and nine different tone of colours to make the wolf looks more real and solid.

Step 3:

Colour the wolf's hand and neck with black, dark brown and light brown. To make the wolf looks more evil and bloody, adding black and red colour and change the brush tool's pattern to the circle below. Also, the wound should be put on more patience when colouring. 

Step 4:

Start colouring the shirt. To make the shirt more harmonious with face and hand, I choose the colours which as similar as the hand's colour. Also, colouring the dark knight gun with black colour and using brush tool to draw a puddle of blood on "shooting" word.

Step 5:

Colour the nuclear bombing with dark orange, red, and brown colours. Next, I'm using black colour with a very low opacity to make a shadow. Later, colour the machine gun with grey and dark grey; and the fire with red and a bit orange. 


 Step 6:

As for the blood, I did not draw the outline for it. Therefore for making it more 3D, I will add Drop Shadow for it.

Step 7:

Start colouring the left items. Because of the feeling I want to express is death, therefore the colours I use will more tend to be dull and dark.

Step 8:

Colour the background with yellow, orange, brown, and black colours to show an explosion. Later, adjust the overall colour to make it more harmonious. Besides, I erase the nuclear bombing's outline to make it more natural. Also, I do a bit changes in the "Boston Marathon" banner and dark knight gun to make them different with the original images. 

Final Artwork

Artists Statement

The artwork displayed above showcases what I perceive about the relationship between technology and death. Besides, it also showcases what I imagine about the explosion scene during the World War II. Death is dreadful and war is bloody, therefore I prefer using a lot of darker colours. Also, I apply the current issues such as Boston Marathon Bombing and Dark Knight Colorado Shooting in my artwork because I think that art should not only be an art, but can reflect the society and the world. Using the wolf as the man’s face because I think that human is greedy and selfish as wolf. They love power and regard others people life as nothing. Therefore, my artwork will show you not only the relationship between technology and death but also the ugly fact of human’s life.


Levs, J., & Plott, M. (2013). Boy, 8, one of 3 killed in bombings at Boston Marathon; scores wounded. CNN. Retrieved from (2013). Just the facts:Gun violence in America. Retrieved from


Biochemical Logo——

Dark Knight Gun——

Machine Gun——,1253253778,1/stock-vector-vector-illustration-of-a-machine-gun-black-and-white-37249819.jpg


Nuclear Bomb——



How Technology Affects Human——Five Sketches

1. The Slaves Of Technology

2. Travel Is Possible!

3. Death And War

4. Homeless

5. Silence Of Love

Monday, 17 June 2013

National Art Gallery——Caged For Show

Can you imagine that you were on the sky and standing on the clouds? There was no others else but only you. You kept going and wondering where you are. Suddenly, you saw a scene that you will never forget it.

There were many cages over there. Some of the cages locked up birds, dreams, and creativities; however some of the cages were empty.

You found that the surroundings were quiet and clean, and full of the clouds. However you got a feeling which made you stifling. You would like to escape from there; however you were not able to do it because of this unlimited space.

Suddenly, you realized that those cages that were empty were not exactly empty. They still be locked up in this unlimited space like in reality, we are always being locked in a specific standard. Apple should be coloured in red; we should get a diploma and follow a lot of things which are set by the society.

Therefore, there is nothing differences between us and those whose were being locked in the cages. We are a pitiful guy who lives in a pitiful world.   

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Art Movement


Portrait of a Halberdier by Pontormo
An Allegory with Venus and Cupid by Agnolo Bronzino
Mannerism was the art movement that arose immediately after the Renaissance during the 16th century.

Michelangelo, da Vinci, and Raphael, just to name a few were the most typical artists during that period and inspired the artists to come after them.

There are two characteristics that tend to show up in Mannerists works which the first is an elongation of the neck and torso in portraits or figurative paintings. This is because in Mannerism, artists were more interested in creating an interesting work of art and expressing a feeling. Therefore, the “real life” precision of a painting was not important anymore.

The second characteristic sometimes seen in Mannerism is symbolism. Mannerist artists would use visual allegories and intricate meanings to attract a specific, wealthier audience, rather than making art for everyone.

Picasso's Blue Period

The Old Guitarist
The Tragedy
The Blue Period is a term used to define to the works produced by a Spanish artist Pablo Picasso between 1901 and 1904.

Instead of using the bright mixtures of colours, his paintings took on monochromatic hues of blue and blue-green with very infrequent warm colours. The subject matter for this period were poor people, old and sick people, and also despairing lovers. 

Besides, the paintings showed themes of isolation, poverty, and mental depression. The mood of the paintings was dull due to his experience in Spain.


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